Chili Sausage

It comes from Tuscan sausage, but it is flavoured adding hot pepper and pepper preserve. It is ideal for barbecues, boiled and to create traditional and tasting sauces.


Luganega Sausage

Selected meats and tender flavouring are the peculiarities of this sausage and make it very useful. It can replace a minute steak, it's ideal for barbecues, for light kebabs.


ham Sausage or "Prosciuttella"


Classical Tuscan Sausage

Sausage exists everywhere. Some call it wurstel, some others salamino, salamella etc. Tuscan sausage is the best for the quality of its meat and the traditional flavouring made with peculiar aromas creating its excellent taste.



Bacon from Italian pork with a delicate but flavorful taste.
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