Typical salami from our Tuscany, prepared with lean first choice pork, hand cleaned and minced so fine to obtain a smooth mixture. Then we add small lard pieces and flavour with pepper, salt, and just a little bit of spices and garlic macerated in good tuscan wine.


Code: Salpun

Description: Salame Toscanaccio

Size: Approximately 3 kg.

Packaging: Non packed


Data Sheet in PDF

Code: Salpunsv

Description: Salame Toscanaccio a metà sottovuoto

Size: Approximately 1,5 kg.

Packaging: Vacuum packed

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Bacon from Italian pork with a delicate but flavorful taste.
The best cold cuts in one collection
A rich selection of sliced cold cuts.
A selection of refined cold cuts flavoured with truffles from our Region.
Tuscan flavors and specialties handed down over time.
The best Tuscan hams with the right amount of salt.
Superfine lards that emerge from qualified and recognized production.
A wide range of salami for refined palates.
Typical Tuscan sausages made ​​with the best parts of pork meat.
The ideal salami for an aperitif or a nice appetizer.