This delights the palate ... derive from the central part of the pig's belly, the belly, Pancetta ..., here is the name. We call it Streaky in Tuscany because it is characterized by alternating thin strips of clear fat that characterizes its delicate flavor and sweet. Wrapped, because it is rolled up on itself to obtain a cylindrical shape, in which the flavors and aromas are enhanced in the long maturation. The Tuscan version is flavored with rosemary and garlic. Is eaten in thin slices on bread or diced in the kitchen where give value to the food​​.


Code: Parrccf

Description: Rigatino avvolto del Forziere

Size: Approximately 3 kg.

Packaging: Non packed

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Bacon from Italian pork with a delicate but flavorful taste.
The best cold cuts in one collection
A rich selection of sliced cold cuts.
A selection of refined cold cuts flavoured with truffles from our Region.
Tuscan flavors and specialties handed down over time.
The best Tuscan hams with the right amount of salt.
Superfine lards that emerge from qualified and recognized production.
A wide range of salami for refined palates.
Typical Tuscan sausages made ​​with the best parts of pork meat.
The ideal salami for an aperitif or a nice appetizer.