In the 50's two brothers, Rocco and Enzo, ran a grocery in Lucca. Then, to satisfy their need for qualified salami, they started to butcher two or three porks each week, in their house in the country around Lucca. Loving ever much this activity, they decided to leave the grocery and to concentrate on the production of salami. They organised their first laboratory, they bought some machineries and started to butcher five or six porks a week. The activity developed and now we supply many markets and select the best porks of Pianura Padana where the real italian swine is breeded. In 1995 we finished to build our new laboratory, adjacent to the original location, on two stores and 2000 square meters, planned following the European sanitary precautions and provided with the most advanced machineries. In 2007 the laboratory has been widened with an increase of a thousand square meters in the surface, in order to achieve the doubling of productive capacity. Nowadays the firm is run by the five sons of the founders, that produce typical Tuscan salami with the same care and tecnique of their fathers. Our laboratory is certified CEE as much as the meat productions and the sectioning of meats with code 1184/LP. We provide also a computerized control on the entire workflow of production. The great care in selecting the best materials in CEE certified slaughterhouses, the control in the production process, the customer care, allow us to produce a wide range of Italian charcuterie with a superior quality, appreciated by the consumers that can say: "Welcome (benvenuti) … on the table!"



Bacon from Italian pork with a delicate but flavorful taste.
The best cold cuts in one collection
A rich selection of sliced cold cuts.
A selection of refined cold cuts flavoured with truffles from our Region.
Tuscan flavors and specialties handed down over time.
The best Tuscan hams with the right amount of salt.
Superfine lards that emerge from qualified and recognized production.
A wide range of salami for refined palates.
Typical Tuscan sausages made ​​with the best parts of pork meat.
The ideal salami for an aperitif or a nice appetizer.