Our Salami of Gastronomy

Our salami are obtained from 100% Italian lean and fine pork meats,
processed in accordance with ancient traditions by adding salt and
spices in a process taken care of by our artisan “artists”. The careful
drying process and the subsequent slow seasoning give our salami an
unmistakable aroma and a taste that is particularly appreciated by the
most demanding consumers. All our salami are guaranteed to be free
of gluten, lactose and milk derivatives.


Pancette, Guanciali
and Lardi

Three families of characteristic products of the Tuscan peasant culture,
used in the kitchen and elsewhere, are part of that ancient gastronomic
history for which the less noble parts were worked with such care and
attention to exceed in goodness the most valuable parts of the pig. This
mastery was passed down to us by our fathers who, in turn, learned it
from the master pork butchers.

Traditional Salsicce
and Tuscan cooked

The fresh and fragrant sausages of the Tuscan tradition to be
consumed in company… they unite and relax with pleasure to the
palate and revive the time spent together.

Our Prosciutti

Our hams are obtained through a process that respects the most ancient
tradition. We use the finest legs of selected pigs, processed with the
addition of salt and spices by expert hands that know how to take care
of them. The attention paid to the salting, maturing and slow seasoning
phases give the meat a particularly unmistakable taste and fragrance.


Salami Take away

All our cured meats in sizes and packaging suitable for fast consumption and in limited quantities available as freshly sliced. From trays in a protective atmosphere, to vacuum slices or whole bulk.

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