Tuscany Air

Tuscany is a magical place rich in history, where passion and innovation coexist.
Its unique and varied microclimate make it a land capable of infusing its fruits with peculiar and original distinctive signs.
The production of Salumi Benvenuti’s Tuscan cured meats has distant roots and maintains the authenticity of its products over time. The typical aromas of the area, of its vegetation carried by the gentle sea breezes, give the traditional recipes the excellence of the typical flavor capable of transporting you to this splendid land.
Our land is full of capable people, always ready for new challenges. One of the challenges that the Welcome have decided to take up is the innovation of the production chain and the guarantee of producing an excellent quality cured meat from the artisan tradition and in total safety as essential objectives.
In an environment suitable to EEC regulations, Salumi Benvenuti products are processed starting from the choice of exclusively Italian meats and ending with maturation following the dictates of handed down tradition, using manual skills and time, fundamental ingredients to conquer an important place in high delicatessen. .
Each process is studied ad hoc for each type of cured meat, all gluten-free and without lactose or milk derivatives. From the salting of the lard enriched with officinal herbs, to the curing of our salamis with attention to the smallest details, love and dedication to the profession of delicatessen can be found across the board.